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The failure of a lawyer to deliver professional services with discretion, attentiveness, and most of all, competence is termed legal malpractice. Failing to win a case is not necessarily evidence of malpractice - demonstration of negligence or incompetence is required, as well as damage to the lawyer's client.

When all the elements are there and can be demonstrated conclusively, the victim of malpractice can claim compensation for damages. When the stakes in the original legal matter are high, losses because of malpractice could be very substantial.

Eisenberg, Gilchrist & Cutt aggressively pursue compensation and justice for victims of attorney malpractice, including cases involving:

  • Conflict of interest
  • Failure to file important court documents
  • Not filing a claim within the time allotted for the statute of limitations
  • Failure to provide a valid fee agreement
  • Failure to inform the client of unfamiliar and large expenses
  • Mishandling of funds
  • Not accepting court orders
  • Settling a case without the client's authorization
  • Settling a case too hastily and for an unsatisfactory amount, for the purpose of quickly obtaining attorney's fees

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Success in Legal Malpractice Cases

Cases involving lawyer malpractice can be highly complex and involve subtle interpretations of the facts. A legal malpractice case is really two cases in one - the plaintiff must demonstrate that he or she would have won the original case, and that the damages were lost or denied due to the negligence of the lawyer.

Eisenberg, Gilchrist & Cutt are accomplished trial attorneys with a record of success in legal malpractice lawsuits and other types of legal actions. We understand the law, standards of proof, and how to argue these cases persuasively. When our firm takes a case, we take it with the expectation of winning.

Eisenberg, Gilchrist & Cutt will work to obtain justice and compensation for you.

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