How to handle disputes with the IRS

Tax audits are a headache for every entrepreneur. No matter how cleanly and carefully you run your business, the tax authorities find violations every time. And how do they manage it? Or maybe there were no violations at all, or there were, but they were accompanied by grave mistakes on the part of tax officials. About this you can tell only a tax lawyer – a person who thoroughly knows the tax law, accounting and the basics of doing business.

The lawyer conducts disputes with tax authorities, so that with the least risk and financial expenses the client receives the maximum result.

How to open a dispute with the tax?

Within 10 calendar days of being served with a notice-decision on the results of an audit, you can initiate a dispute and proceedings. For this purpose, it is enough to submit an application to the highest tax authority of your city and notify the organization that carried out the audit.

This will be followed by an examination of the legality of the decision and a conclusion about who is right: you or the tax authorities. This stage is not at all complicated for an ordinary person: it does not require obligatory verbal justification and compulsory attendance at consideration of the case. But in order to properly draw up a statement and attach to it all the evidence of your case, it is better to use the services of a specialist. The lawyer knows disputes with tax authorities impeccably, because he has a wealth of experience, and perhaps he himself has worked on the other side of the “barricades”.

According to statistics, in more than 70% of cases the decisions are not subject to appeal, because even though you file a petition to the Supreme instance, but the structure of one and recognize the mistakes in their own system nobody wants to.

So it is possible to challenge the notification-decision of the tax authorities only in court?

Yes, if you are not the victim of blatant gross violations by inspectors, you will have to work on appealing more carefully. And without the help of a lawyer in this case can not do without. Competent drawing up of documents, risk analysis, representation of your interests in court – all this requires thorough legal training and experience in conducting such cases. Your side will have to argue to the court, why it is worth canceling the decision made by the tax authorities in whole or in part. Only with the support of a professional can you win such cases.