It’s never too late to start. But the sooner the better.

Today, the mandatory presence of a lawyer in the public space is actually not a subject of discussion. We can definitely say that the absence of a lawyer on the Internet is tantamount to his absence in principle.

Underestimate the importance of promoting a personal brand should not be underestimated due to the fact that every lawyer already has it by default. And if you do not form it on its own, the public will do it for a professional, and with pleasure, which is fraught with great reputational risks. Moreover, if a top-level lawyer is not active in the media, the target audience will perceive him as unprofessional, the expert stressed, referring to the results of several marketing studies. Therefore, it is desirable to work on the positioning, reputation and coverage of the personal brand from the first day of activity as a lawyer.

Experts are quite likely to “win” in the market of services, that is, become more recognizable and eventually get more clients, a novice lawyer with little experience, but a bright marketing campaign.

Therefore, behind the marketing campaign should stand professionalism in the first place. It is desirable to start promotion when you already have a small but successful experience.

Then you can create a personal website, including in the form of a landing page. There you should specify your specialization, competencies, experience, education and describe your career. It is also useful to give examples of tasks solved and projects in which the lawyer participated.

It is clear that you cannot do without social networks – you can use them to gather your audience, to receive feedback and tell about useful things. And the choice of social network can directly depend on the target audience and specialization.

Then you can connect advertising. A win-win option would be to run contextual advertising on Google, as well as creating small guides on specific topics and native advertising. However, the latter method will require investment, as even microinfluencers (bloggers with a small but active audience) can have quite high rates.