Personal content is professionally moderated

You can’t do without the lifestyle component when promoting a brand, because it brings the lawyer closer to his audience. However, in this aspect you should, logically, act carefully. The main thing to remember is an important thing – everything a lawyer publishes on the Internet is closely scrutinized by his clients. That means you should only post things that you would not be ashamed to show to any of your clients. It is important to understand that a lawyer’s personal brand is not his personal diary, so it is not necessary to tell the audience about all aspects of his life, just like in a confession to the priest.

Some things are considered by experts to be inadmissible for publication. Photos with alcohol, in beachwear, naked or indecent, inappropriate. This also includes photos and videos of corporate parties and categorical opinions about the work of colleagues.

What content to the contrary can and even should be posted online, especially on Instagram. Avoid political and people-to-people topics. Write sincerely. For example, about finding a copy of your favorite book or visiting an exhibition, giving an interview. Post photos from events you’ve attended. At the events themselves, stick to your chosen style, becoming a role model. Make friends and take pictures with famous people you met at the event. This will increase your clients’ confidence in you.

If any post did not pass through a public “moderation”, and any gaffe was noticed, experts advise to remove the controversial information. And if there is not much publicity, you can leave the action without comment. Otherwise, an attempt to hide or delete something could provoke an even bigger scandal, so it’s possible that you will have to make an official statement or apologize or even compensate for the harm done in some way. Information, once on the Internet, is usually preserved forever. And even the removal of controversial information in some cases will not save the lawyer from disciplinary proceedings in the Bar of the relevant region.