Who is a lawyer and how to become one

Can artificial intelligence replace lawyers? Only if robotic lawyers learn creativity, critical thinking, improvisation, and public speaking skills. After all, knowledge of the law is only a part of a human rights defender’s professional background. And it is often not enough!

Is every lawyer an advocate? Definitely not. However, every lawyer is a lawyer, because “lawyer” is a broader term for any legal profession. So who is a lawyer? This is a narrowly specialized lawyer whose main job is to represent the interests of a party in court. Their professional field is court proceedings, while legal advisers are more likely to advise companies, organizations and clients.

Do you dream of overcoming injustice and protecting those in need? Then this profession is for you. You will mostly be contacted in cases where a party is suspected or accused of committing a crime. And you, as a professional, have to prepare the relevant documents, establish communication with government agencies and defend the client’s interests in the case.

Who can become a lawyer

Legal professions have a high entry threshold, as their activities are strictly regulated by law.

If you meet all the requirements and pass the necessary stages, you will receive the high title of “attorney” and will be able to defend the interests of the parties in court. But is this enough to become a highly qualified specialist?

Can you imagine a professional chef who has a poor sense of smell? Even though it is not part of his or her direct responsibilities, the sense of smell is an important skill for a professional chef. It’s the same with legal professions: not all the requirements for a lawyer are enshrined in law. You can’t do without additional skills and talent.

What do you need to become a lawyer?

  • Stress resistance.
  • Public speaking skills and the ability to persuade.
  • Understanding of human psychology, empathy.
  • Logic, systematic, creative, critical thinking.
  • Sociability, ability to establish relationships.
  • Dedication and perseverance.