Understanding Brain Injury Requires Insight Into Brain Structure

The anatomy of the human brain has long been an intense area of study for scientists and medical researchers. Today, the quest to improve our understanding of brain function continues in laboratories around the world, enlightened by basic scientific agreement about the brain's parts and functions.

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Understanding Brain Functions And The Consequences Of Brain Damage

The major regions of the brain and their known functions include the:

  • Frontal lobe, the largest part of the brain and the area controlling much of a person's behavior, emotional makeup, personality and "high cognitive functions" such as planning and solving problems 
  • Parietal lobe, associated with touch and other sensations, and the occipital lobe, essential for gathering and processing visual information — both near the rear of the brain 
  • Cerebellum, near the rear and base of the brain, required for controlling body movements and completing basic tasks such as walking, talking and eating 
  • Temporal lobes at the sides of the brain for sorting out sensory information and housing various forms of short-term memory 
  • Brainstem, a critical pathway to the spinal cord that controls basic functions including breathing and control of the heart rate 

A Well-Connected Legal Team For Brain Injury Litigation

This brief overview cannot do justice to the absolutely incredible complexity of human brain anatomy. However, a basic understanding of how damage to any portion of the brain can change an accident victim's life is often essential to accommodating that person's needs and building the strongest possible case for much-needed compensation.

Our attorneys have built outstanding relationships with medical and scientific experts capable of explaining brain injury consequences, treatment options and prognoses. If you or a family member has suffered traumatic brain injury in an accident — or if you suspect medical negligence caused a fetal brain injury — please call or e-mail our firm now for a free consultation.