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  • $12.9 MILLION

    Truck Accident Verdict

  • $10.2 MILLION

    Medical Malpractice Verdict

  • $5.14 Million

    Workplace Accident Settlement

  • $4 Million

    Legal Malpractice Settlement

  • $1.9 Million

    Kayaking Accident Verdict

  • $2.1 Million

    Construction Accident Settlement

  • $1.4 Million

    Construction Injury Settlement

  • $1.2 Million

    Construction Accident Settlement

  • $1.6 Million

    Auto Accident Settlement

  • $1.2 Milion

    Playground Accident Settlement

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Salt Lake City Advocates for Injury Claims

Dedicated Legal Support for Utah's Injured Individuals and Families

At our law firm, we realize the profound effects an injury can have, encompassing not just physical trauma but also imposing financial and emotional burdens. Dealing with the intricacies of the legal framework, engaging with insurers, and securing optimal healthcare can be daunting, confusing, and overwhelming. Our lawyers strive to fight vigorously for our clients, aiming to secure the necessary compensation they deserve. We handle your legal concerns, allowing you to concentrate on your recovery.

Our experienced team in Salt Lake City is committed to representing those affected by injuries caused by others' negligence. We stand with individuals against large insurance firms and corporations, dedicating ourselves to achieving fairness and the highest possible restitution. Our group of courtroom-experienced attorneys covers a variety of injury-related cases, such as brain and spinal damages, motor vehicle mishaps, instances of sexual violence, faulty products, and fatalities due to negligence. Numerous legal professionals and judges have entrusted us with cases, recognizing our consistent track record of tangible outcomes. Explore our results and hear our client testimonials by viewing our informative video.

Navigating the complexities of the financial sector, businesses and individuals often find themselves in need of specialized guidance to ensure their operations align with current regulations and laws. It's here that the expertise of financial lawyers becomes invaluable.

Distinct Approach Among Law Firms

Our approach at our firm sets us apart from other injury law practices. We choose to manage a smaller number of cases, focusing on the fine details that often play a crucial role in the resolution of a case. Our years of collective experience in personal injury law have taught us the significance of these nuances. By limiting our caseload, our lawyers can devote more attention and effort to each client, ensuring uncompromised results. We specifically take on cases involving serious injuries, understanding the long-term effects that major injuries like brain or spinal cord trauma can have on individuals and their families.

You are entitled to relentless and proven advocacy for your injury lawsuit. Contact us for a complimentary case evaluation.

You deserve tireless, proven representation for your personal injury claim. Call to request a free consultation.

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  • REAL DAY IN THE LIFE AS A Salt Lake City Personal Injury Lawyer
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Informative Video Section

If you or someone close has suffered a severe injury, you probably have numerous questions about your legal rights, available options, and the steps you should pursue. A knowledgeable and seasoned personal injury lawyer can provide answers and guide you in making informed decisions for yourself and your family. We've produced a series of informative videos to address common inquiries from injury victims. For personalized guidance, reach out to schedule a no-cost consultation with our team.

At our law office, we empathize with the immense pressure you face following a serious incident. Since we specialize in cases with significant injuries, we opt for a smaller caseload, dedicating more resources and effort to each client. Our notable achievements and leadership in handling brain injury cases have led many lawyers to refer their most intricate and challenging cases to us.

Our Videos


  • “Exceeding Expectations in Every Way”
    Our family encountered an incredibly tough period when our son suffered a dreadful accident, leaving us uncertain about his survival. Facing a barrage of medical consultations, escalating healthcare costs, and a whirlwind of emotions, we were at a loss on how to assist in our son's recovery. That's when the team at the law firm stepped in, offering clarity and support at every turn. They not only addressed every query we had but also demonstrated genuine concern for our son's well-being, going well beyond what we anticipated. Never did I imagine needing legal assistance, but their representation was a blessing. Thanks to them, we no longer fret over future medical expenses or surgeries; our focus now is solely on cherishing moments together and enriching our son's life.

    - Kali

  • “Genuine and Trustworthy Advocacy”
    When Eric joined my case, which had been lingering with another firm for over a year, the tide turned in my favor. His involvement brought momentum, and he ensured I grasped every step of the process. Eric's genuine concern for my family and myself, coupled with sage advice, was invaluable. In a lighthearted exchange, I'd even share top fishing locales with him! Eric's forthright approach meant I always got the unvarnished truth, not just what I wished to hear. His personable demeanor transformed our professional relationship into a friendship. I felt valued, not just as a client, but as a person. Eric has my highest recommendation for anyone seeking a lawyer with a heart.

    - A Grateful Former Client

  • “The Ideal Advocate for My Situation”
    My life took a sharp turn three years ago following a car accident - my first ever, with the other driver at fault. What followed was a gradual onset of pain, necessitating medical interventions and emotional turmoil due to my limited physical abilities. Eric Olsen proved to be the perfect attorney for my situation. Initially, I had engaged a family friend as my lawyer, but after his relocation, he recommended Eric. What stood out about Eric was his empathy and guidance, particularly during stressful moments like my deposition. With his help and my husband's support, I navigated through it. Eric's expertise ensured a fair settlement at mediation. I wholeheartedly endorse him for anyone needing an injury claim lawyer.

    - Jenann

  • “Thoroughly Professional and Result-Oriented”
    I wholeheartedly endorse Eric Olson for his exceptional professionalism and in-depth knowledge in his field. His guidance was crucial in helping me make informed decisions during a confusing time. His expertise in law was evident in every aspect of my case, leading to a very satisfactory outcome. I am truly impressed by the service he provided.

    - Lauren

  • “Remarkable Dedication and Results”
    Engaging Eric in our son's personal injury case was a decision we're deeply pleased with. His dedication was apparent from the start, offering us and, more importantly, our son, unwavering support. Eric's assertive approach to seeking answers provided us with much-needed peace of mind during a challenging period. His competence instilled confidence from our first meeting, and he lived up to our expectations by delivering fairness and diligent advocacy.

    - Brett

  • “Efficient, Professional, and Considerate”
    Ms. Carmichael and her team exemplified professionalism, efficiency, and kindness throughout our interaction. They utilized resources thoughtfully and were always quick to offer clear, respectful explanations whenever needed. I would not hesitate to recommend Jacquelynn Carmichael to friends and family should the need arise.

    - A Satisfied Former Client

  • “Outstanding Handling of Our Legal Matter”
    Jacquelynn demonstrated exceptional skill and knowledge in managing our case. She adeptly navigated through the complexities of an unjust situation with the insurance company, moving the case forward to a reasonable settlement. Her expertise in knowing the right steps to take was invaluable.

    - Yolanda

  • “Comprehensive Support and Empathy”
    Jackie proved to be an outstanding attorney, providing comfort and reassurance during my challenging deposition. Working alongside her paralegal, Candace Gleed, they formed an impressive team. The emotional weight of the case was significant, but their care and attention made a world of difference.

    - Teddi

  • “Choosing Them Was The Best Decision”
    Living in a different state, I was at a crossroads when it came to handling a medical malpractice suit against a healthcare provider who treated me after an injury in Utah. My case eventually landed with Jacquelynn, and it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened. Being new to such situations, I was unsure of the next steps, but Jacquelynn and her team ensured I was well-informed throughout the legal journey. Their guidance made me feel secure, knowing my case was in capable hands. Attending depositions and mediations, Jacquelynn was transparent about the strengths and challenges of my case, guiding me without any pressure. Deciding to settle during mediation felt right, thanks to her counsel. Despite wishing to never have undergone such an ordeal, I'm grateful for Jacquelynn's unwavering support and would confidently recommend her.

    - A Thankful Former Client

  • “Exemplary Legal Representation”
    Jackie's assistance in handling my lawsuit was nothing short of professional excellence. Her communication kept me updated and eased my anxieties. Her approachable demeanor and profound knowledge made her a trusted advisor from the outset. She represented me superbly, turning into a friend throughout our interactions. Her team, equally impressive, contributed significantly to the positive outcome. I wholeheartedly endorse them for any future legal needs.

    - Karen

  • “Simply Outstanding”
    After consulting with several lawyers who declined my case for its complexity, I almost lost hope. That changed when a chance encounter led me to Jackie. Her competence was immediately apparent, and it’s clear why she comes highly recommended. Here’s why she impressed me: 1. Her thorough research, especially in the medical aspects of my case, was astounding. 2. The team around her, including her assistant Candace, was top-notch in responsiveness and expertise. 3. The consultants she engaged were leaders in their fields. 4. Jackie set realistic expectations and worked tirelessly on a challenging case. 5. Her blend of toughness and empathy was remarkable. 6. She effectively countered unrealistic opposition. 7. Her guidance through unfamiliar legal processes was invaluable. 8. In short, choosing Jacquelynn Carmichael will be a decision you won't regret.

    - Doug

  • “Jackie: A Beacon of Hope”
    Following a car accident, Jackie was a pillar of strength for me and my daughters. She took charge immediately, managing communications and logistical issues with finesse. Her approachable nature, coupled with clear legal explanations, made the experience less intimidating. Her team, including Candace, was equally supportive. Jackie’s expertise in navigating settlement options out of court was commendable. We are immensely grateful and highly recommend her for her compassion and capability.

    - Jill

  • “Turning Adversity into a Positive Outcome”
    When other attorneys hesitated to take our malpractice case, Jacquelynn stepped in with determination. She fought vigorously, turning a dire situation into a favorable outcome. Her genuine care for us was palpable, making us feel valued and supported. We are deeply appreciative of her efforts and would recommend her without hesitation.

    - Steven

  • “Heartfelt Thanks”
    My wife’s lawsuit against a doctor was proceeding smoothly towards settlement when she tragically passed away. I extend my deepest gratitude to Jackie for her exceptional efforts on my wife’s behalf. Following her passing, Jackie continued to provide invaluable support with additional matters. Candace’s assistance was also noteworthy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    - Ken

  • “Immeasurable Gratitude”
    David's involvement in our family's legal journey, following our child's injury, was a beacon of hope. His professionalism and attention to detail through this harrowing process led to a positive outcome. His approach was both thorough and compassionate, allowing us to focus on our child's healing. We are forever indebted to his support during this difficult time.

    - A Grateful Former Client

  • “More Than Just a Lawyer”
    Jeffery Eisenberg was not just a lawyer, but a trusted confidant throughout my legal process. His honesty and straightforwardness in providing information were invaluable. Jeffery’s ability to make clients feel like friends, not just case numbers, was heartwarming. I strongly recommend him to anyone in search of a lawyer who brings both professionalism and a personal touch.

    - Kristine

  • “Exceptional in Every Aspect”
    Jeff proved himself to be an outstanding attorney, not only in achieving results but also in showing genuine care for us as clients. Keeping me constantly informed, his staff mirrored his exceptional approach. I wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone seeking a compassionate and proficient attorney.

    - Paul

  • “Essential Legal Representation”
    The tragic loss of our son due to a highway construction accident left us devastated. Jeff’s sensitive handling of our case, including uncovering hidden insurance coverage, was exemplary. His reputation as a formidable attorney was clear, prompting the insurance company to settle out of court for a sum far beyond what we initially thought possible. Our experience underscores the importance of having a respected attorney like Jeff. I hope this recommendation helps others facing similar losses.

    - An Anonymous Former Client

  • “Always Informed and Cared For”
    Sarah took over my case mid-way, bringing a refreshing change from my previous attorney. Her diligence in communication, whether through calls or emails, was a breath of fresh air. She invested considerable effort to ensure a fair settlement and displayed excellent client care. I hope I won't need legal services again, but if I do, Sarah would be my first choice.

    - Shelly

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The Right Attorneys for Your Personal Injury Case

Helping the Injured Through a Difficult Time in Their Lives

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