Christopher P. Higley: A Rising Star in Personal Injury Law


Christopher P. Higley, an associate at Elegal, embodies the promising new generation of legal talent, injecting fresh perspectives and innovative approaches into the realm of personal injury law. With a career trajectory that began as a law clerk at the firm in 2012 and culminated with his graduation from Duke University School of Law in 2015, Higley has swiftly emerged as a formidable legal mind driven by a profound passion for justice.

A Solid Foundation in Plaintiff Personal Injury Cases

Higley's entry into the legal profession was marked by a genuine eagerness to delve into the intricacies of plaintiff personal injury cases. His education at Duke University School of Law provided a robust foundation, equipping him with the expertise to understand the nuances of product liability, medical malpractice, insurance bad faith, and general negligence. This diverse legal background has endowed him with a comprehensive skill set, enabling him to adeptly navigate the multifaceted landscape of personal injury law.

Achieving Remarkable Results

At Elegal, Chris Higley has played an instrumental role in numerous high-stakes cases, contributing to resolutions that have secured settlements ranging from six to eight figures for clients. His approach to litigation is marked by meticulous preparation, innovative strategy, and a profound empathy for his clients. Higley recognizes that each case is not merely a legal challenge but a deeply personal journey for those involved. He approaches his work with an unwavering commitment to securing not only compensation but also a profound sense of justice for his clients.

Commitment to Community and Access to Justice

Beyond his courtroom accomplishments, Higley is deeply engaged in the legal community, particularly in initiatives aimed at broadening access to justice. He serves on the executive board of the Young Lawyers Division as a liaison for "And Justice for All," a local nonprofit organization. In this role, Higley has been instrumental in organizing fundraising events, including the annual "Justice Champions'' charity pool tournament. His active involvement underscores his dedication to supporting legal access for all members of the community.

A Mentor and Advocate for Professional Growth

Chris Higley's dedication to the legal profession extends beyond casework and community involvement. He actively participates in continuing legal education, generously sharing his knowledge and experiences at various litigation-related seminars sponsored by the Young Lawyer’s Division. His willingness to teach and mentor younger lawyers showcases his belief in the significance of continuous learning and professional development within the legal field.

The Balance of Professionalism and Personal Passion

Outside of his demanding professional life, Higley strikes a harmonious balance by spending quality time with his family and indulging in his love for football. This equilibrium between professional rigor and personal passion exemplifies the modern lawyer who excels in their field while maintaining a fulfilling personal life.

Christopher P. Higley stands as a testament to the dynamic future of personal injury law at Elegal. His unique combination of legal expertise, unwavering community involvement, and fervent commitment to client advocacy positions him as a rising star in the legal community. As he continues to shape his career, Higley represents a promising figure poised to make substantial contributions to the legal field and positively impact the lives of those he represents.

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