Concerned That An Accident Caused Undiagnosed Brain Damage?

Many people believe that a traumatic brain injury is always severe enough that either the victim or a physician will recognize it soon after an accident. In reality, a brain injury's immediate impact can be subtle but still serious, and symptoms may be overlooked while medical providers treat more obvious physical injuries.

If you are a recent accident victim anywhere in Utah who has begun to notice changes in your own capabilities, or a concerned family member now observing changes in your loved one's behavior, please contact our respected, results-oriented Salt Lake City law firm. Many of our largest recoveries, including several multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts, have been on behalf of individuals and families coping with a traumatic brain injury.

Memory Loss, Personality Changes Or Headaches May Be Symptoms Of Brain Injury

The anatomy of the brain is incredibly complex, and any form of significant head trauma can cause damage that may be challenging to recognize and diagnose. Some brain injury symptoms to watch for are:

  • Memory loss, whether involving short-term difficulty remembering names, events and details or more extensive post-traumatic amnesia 
  • Development of potentially disabling mental conditions including depression or a sleep disorder 
  • Communication, concentration or speech problems usually noticed when the brain injury sufferer has difficulty in conversation 
  • Subtle or very noticeable personality changes such as bouts of anger inconsistent with past behavior 
  • The onset of severe headaches 

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We are attorneys, not neurology experts or physicians, but we have extensive experience representing brain injury victims and their families after car, motorcycle and trucking accidents, instances of medical malpractice and falls or impact injuries suffered on dangerous property. We work a carefully limited number of serious cases at a time, enabling us to fully engage in helping you get needed tests, a proper diagnosis and the best possible treatment.

If you suspect a brain injury because you have observed symptoms like those above, or if an accident caused head trauma not immediately recognized by doctors, please call or e-mail our firm today. You can depend on the lawyers of Elegal for a thorough, honest evaluation of your likelihood of success in taking legal action to get needed compensation.