Attorneys For Victims Of Brain Damage Caused By Negligence

People outside the medical profession are unlikely to hear and consider the word encephalopathy unless this serious condition affects their lives. Information posted by the National Institutes of Health includes the definition: "any diffuse [widespread] disease of the brain that alters brain function or structure."

Encephalopathy sufferers and their families may find themselves coping with an array of life-changing consequences and symptoms ranging from progressive memory loss to seizures. Sadly, treatment options are available but limited, brain damage can be permanent and encephalopathy can be fatal. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with encephalopathy and you suspect the cause is chemical exposure, medical malpractice or some other form of negligence, please contact our attorneys in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Encephalopathy Can Be Caused By Various Forms Of Negligence

Our personal injury law firm is a proven, results-oriented resource for victims of toxic chemical exposure, medical malpractice and certain other preventable causes of neurological disorders. We are accomplished trial attorneys with experience in cases arising from one of the following:

  • Carbon monoxide leaks in homes and elsewhere 
  • Other forms of toxic chemical exposure, including lead poisoning 
  • Misdiagnosis of serious medical conditions and other types of medical malpractice 
  • Birth injuries caused or made worse by medical negligence — such as oxygen deprivation that can cause life-threatening anoxic encephalopathy, or cerebral hypoxia 

Targeting Maximum Compensation To Enable Treatment And Improve Futures

Addressing serious injury and wrongful death cases with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism, our lawyers look for the legal strategies that will help our suffering and grieving clients. Treatment to control seizures and help encephalopathy victims live the best lives possible can be extremely expensive and necessary for many years.

We are prepared to handle encephalopathy litigation centering on negligence such as misdiagnosis of multiple sclerosis or infection, toxic chemical exposure at home or on the job, or other causes. For the legal counsel you need to determine whether a claim or lawsuit is viable, please contact us today. We offer a free consultation and charge attorney fees and costs only if we obtain substantial financial compensation for our clients.