Attorneys Experienced In Medical Malpractice And Birth Injuries

The belief that someone's negligence harmed your newborn child is one of the most difficult burdens imaginable. If your child has suffered a fetal brain injury, we understand that your family may be devastated emotionally and financially.

In Salt Lake City and throughout Utah, we are a personal injury law firm known for handling complex, sometimes controversial and highly emotional litigation. We have provided counsel and representation to hundreds of families seeking answers and struggling to find answers as to how it happened. Whereas many other law firms may avoid complex medical malpractice claims, we are here to help if your child has suffered a fetal or delivery-related brain injury.

Prenatal And Neonatal Brain Injuries Due To Failure To Meet Standards Of Care

Our collaborative team of lawyers is prepared to evaluate your potential medical malpractice case and offer sound, empathetic counsel if your child:

  • Has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, some form of encephalopathy or another mental disability — sometimes caused by failure to diagnose infection, a treatable blood incompatibility, a medication or anesthesia error, or by bleeding in the baby's brain after a traumatic delivery 
  • Incurred brain damage due to hypoxia or anoxia — when a child is deprived of oxygen flow to the brain in utero, during the delivery or soon after birth 
  • Suffered a fetal brain injury that was not properly diagnosed and treated in a timely manner, resulting in a potentially permanent disability or a wrongful death 

You need a focused, reputable law firm to demonstrate that a physician or hospital is liable for damages in a fetal brain injury case. We have a network of resources for medical information and qualified opinions on whether physicians, anesthesiologists, or other medical personnel failed to meet the prevailing standard of care.

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Whether you have suffered a tragic loss or must begin contemplating the costs of a lifetime of care and treatment for your special-needs child, we encourage you to contact us now. You can depend on our relentless determination to learn the truth about what happened and our dedication to help you obtain compensation that can make a real difference for your family.