Utah Lawyers For Brain Injury Victims And Their Families

At Elegal in Salt Lake City, we are accomplished, respected personal injury attorneys with experience representing children and families dealing with hydrocephalus. Although it is commonly held that hydrocephalus — with an ongoing risk of dangerous intracranial pressure — can be congenital or related to other conditions, failures in proper medical monitoring and treatment can dramatically worsen its impact.

We understand the basics of this very serious medical condition, and in collaboration with highly qualified medical professionals versed in symptoms, risks and treatment, we are prepared to thoroughly assess whether legal action is appropriate in your case. When you contact us, you can count on the fact that we will treat you with care. This consultation will be free, confidential, and involve no risk to you.

Monitoring of intracranial pressure related to hydrocephalus is especially critical, because when these pressures rise above certain levels, brain tissue damage and brain injury can be permanent or even fatal. In this era of "managed care" and stretched hospital resources, we remain committed to pursuing valid cases of medical malpractice, and building those cases to win maximum compensation for our clients.

Experience In Complex Malpractice Litigation, Including Hydrocephalus Cases

Our experience extends to cases of:

  • Nursing and other hospital negligence 
  • Emergency room negligence 
  • Surgical errors and other mistakes by physicians 

In addition to medical malpractice experience, a legal case centering on treatment of hydrocephalus pressure requires lawyers who will develop a comprehensive picture of likely costs and total impact of a brain injury. We work with life care planners, economists and other specialists to maximize the compensation our clients receive — in an integrated and strategic approach that has produced numerous multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts.

To begin exploring your likelihood of success in pursuing a claim or lawsuit, please call or e-mail our firm today.