Utah Attorneys Proven In Accident And Brain Injury Lawsuits

When an accident victim is dazed, knocked out or injured so severely that a coma results, qualified medical attention could be needed for months or years to come. Even a blow to the head that at first seemed minor, other than a brief loss of consciousness, may indicate traumatic brain injury and have consequences that appear or worsen over time.

If a loss of consciousness (sometimes abbreviated LOC) occurred in a car, motorcycle or truck accident, for example — and you believe that accident was caused by someone else or do not know what happened — it can be crucial to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. At Elegal in Salt Lake City, you can benefit from a free consultation and focused, tenacious legal representation.

Sound Guidance After An Injury-Causing Accident

Anyone who suffers a loss of consciousness, due to an event ranging from a ski or sports injury to a motorcycle wreck or car-truck collision, should see a doctor and be checked for concussion symptoms or evidence of another type of brain injury. Based on many decades of experience pursuing and winning serious personal injury cases, our lawyers also emphasize:

  • Monitoring a loved one for known brain injury symptoms such as memory loss or personality changes after a serious accident. 
  • Victims of accidents causing loss of consciousness may seem shaken but medically sound at first, but later they exhibit symptoms as severe as seizures or persistent depression. 
  • Police documentation or witness statements that confirm a loss of consciousness can be important to prevailing in your claim or lawsuit — especially since insurance defense lawyers commonly dispute this clear indicator of a serious accident. 

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