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It is common for a head injury patient to have some level of memory loss — but "common" in this situation is not something to take lightly. If you or a family member suffered a blow to the head in a car crash, fall or other accident, memory loss described by doctors as post-traumatic amnesia may be one of many consequences.

While post-traumatic amnesia (sometimes abbreviated PTA) does not always indicate brain damage, it should be factored into all aspects of medical examination, monitoring and treatment. After an accident anywhere in Utah that caused a loss of consciousness or post-traumatic amnesia, please contact our attorneys to discuss the possibility of legal action.

Memory Loss May Be A Symptom Of Mild Or Severe Brain Damage

In a range of personal injury lawsuits and negotiations, we have introduced medical documentation of post-traumatic amnesia to illustrate the severity of the impact or strain endured by the victim. Insurance defense lawyers commonly attempt to dispute whether a loss of consciousness occurred, and evidence of PTA or other memory loss can support a diagnosis of concussion or other traumatic brain injury.

Once awake after being knocked out or comatose, a head injury patient may well be confused and unable to remember the accident and events leading to it (retrograde post-traumatic amnesia), events soon afterward (anterograde amnesia), or both.

Reputable medical studies have linked traumatic head and brain injuries to long-term conditions including seizure disorders, depression and crippling headaches — and even to development of Alzheimer's disease. If other symptoms of brain injury — such as seizures, speech or coordination problems or personality changes — also exist, a CT scan or MRI of the brain may be essential to gauging the extent of any brain damage.

Targeting Full And Fair Compensation For Each Client We Represent

You may need serious legal representation to fight for the money you need to:

  • Pay medical bills and expenses incurred due to the accident 
  • Pay for professional rehabilitation, counseling or other essential services that enable you to return to work or simply continue moving ahead with your life 
  • Replace lost wages for support of yourself and your family 

When you turn to us at Elegal, we will thoroughly assess your potential legal case, explain our assessment, and work hard to identify the best course of action for guarding and protecting your future.