Skilled, Caring Lawyers For People Who Suffer Seizures

Epilepsy is the most widely known cause of seizures, but in actuality, many people who suffer from seizures and seizure disorders are not epileptic. Other causes include traumatic brain injury and toxic chemical exposure, sometimes due to someone's negligence. Seizures indicate an electrical malfunction within the brain.

The most important thing to do when you, your child or another loved one you know suffers a first seizure is to seek immediate medical attention. This alarming event can indicate an undiagnosed injury or disease, and effective anti-seizure medications are available. In addition, you may suspect a cause that calls for legal action directed at recovering financial compensation that will pay for treatment and help you address other damages and costs.

Taking Action For Accident Victims And Those Harmed By Chemical Exposure

Seizures may be mild — characterized by symptoms such as a twitching finger or brief loss of focus — or severe and life-threatening. Those in the second category are often called grand mal seizures. The wide range of accidents that can cause brain damage and seizures or other serious consequences includes:

  • Car wrecks and trucking accidents, as well as motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents 
  • Substantial exposure to lead poisoning, carbon monoxide gas or another toxic chemical 
  • Falls and impact injuries occurring on construction sites or poorly maintained, dangerous property 

For anyone experiencing seizures, causes must be identified and properly diagnosed in order to allow for effective treatment and control. Moreover, in a significant percentage of cases, a skilled attorney can interpret medical information and knowledge of circumstances to determine if a negligence claim or lawsuit is likely to be successful.

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At Elegal in Salt Lake City, we have taken strong, successful action for many brain injury victims and the victims of toxic exposure and medical malpractice — proving liability on the part of negligent drivers, manufacturers and other companies, landlords and others. If you suspect that someone else is responsible for the accident or condition that now causes seizures for you or a family member, please contact us today for caring counsel and guidance.