Salt Lake City Attorneys For Brain Injury Victims

In many accident claims and lawsuits we have handled successfully, a traumatic brain injury has been the most severe outcome. The symptoms and potential consequences of a traumatic brain injury (sometimes abbreviated TBI, and referring to an injury from impact, rather than a congenital or fetal brain injury) are not widely understood.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident that caused a blow to the head — whether or not any brain damage was diagnosed — we encourage you to contact our Utah personal injury firm for information and a thorough evaluation of your legal options.

Driving For Wider Recognition And Proper Treatment Of The Injured

At Elegal, our lawyers are active supporters of the Brain Injury Association of Utah. We frequently contribute time, money and legal insight because helping brain injury victims and their families is a central mission at our firm. We are devoted to helping people:

  • Understand that the immediate impact of traumatic brain injury can be catastrophic or subtle — but even a subtle injury can have a serious long-term impact on health, quality of life, and ability to work
  • Realize that the possibility of a traumatic brain injury must be considered after accidents ranging from major trucking and motorcycle accidents to accidents on construction sites or other dangerous property
  • Take decisive legal action after an injury due to someone's negligence, in order to pursue the sizable compensation essential for proper treatment, rehabilitative care and long-term support

Caring Attorneys Ready To Work With Concerned Family Members

In some brain injury cases, the victim suffers only a momentary loss of consciousness or no symptoms are recognized right away, only to later suffer memory loss, speech difficulties, depression, sleep disorders, seizures or other serious problems. Historically, a concussion was considered relatively minor, but today we have greater appreciation for the consequences and risks. One common scenario is for family members to notice personality changes and become rightfully concerned.

We are personal injury attorneys with solid working knowledge of the anatomy of the brain and symptoms that indicate a need to see a neurologist or other medical specialist. Our resources are extensive — both for helping our clients get proper diagnosis and treatment and for demonstrating the full impact and costs of the injury in negotiations or at trial.

For the help you need from a law firm focused on brain injury litigation, please contact us today. We offer a free consultation and representation on a "no recovery; no fee" basis.