Salt Lake City Car Accident Lawyers 

The personal injury law firm of Elegal in Salt Lake City, Utah is not a mill that churns out car accident case after car accident case. We take on a limited number of complex cases that involve permanent injuries and death, requiring attention to all details and unique issues related to the claim. While we don't take on all clients, know that the cases we do take are handled with dedication and diligence.

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A Higher Level Of Representation

At Elegal, we recognize the dangers drivers and passengers face when sharing the road with an impaired or inattentive driver. We also realize that they need to focus on their medical needs while we handle all aspects of their legal case. Providing a higher level of confident and hard-nosed advocacy is what we are known for, and it has resulted in numerous multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements.

Your Legal Advocate And Spokesperson

Dealing with the insurance company on your own is a strategy we do not recommend. They claim to have your best interests at heart, but they are only interested in their bottom line. Insurance providers want to end the case quickly, paying as little money as possible for any auto accident. You need compensation that reflects the true extent of your injuries, not a check that represents pennies on the dollar.

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