Utah Bike Accident Lawyers

The "green" movement, health trends, a bad economy and the price of gas have encouraged more and more Utah residents to take up cycling for recreation or commuting to work. Unfortunately, that has also translated into a greater number of bicycle accidents when cyclists tangle with cars, or riders are injured by defective bikes.

While cyclists are at a great disadvantage in a collision with a car, the proven legal team at Elegal tilts the advantage your way in pursuit of rightful compensation.

Call 801.366.9100 or e-mail us if you or a family member suffered serious injury in a bicycle accident in Utah. In a free consultation, our lawyers can explain your rights and evaluate your possible claims.

Combining Our Experience With Industry Experts

At Elegal, we pride ourselves on being a preeminent Salt Lake City personal injury firm. Through our vast experience in building cases we have cultivated a nationwide network of industry professionals who can help us recreate the accident and provide detailed animations for a judge or jury. We are equipped to battle insurers in complex and high-value cases involving brain injury, spinal cord injury and other catastrophic harm common in bike accidents.

Holding Bicycle Manufacturers Accountable

Many bicycling injuries result from failure of the cycle itself. We are not afraid to take on major corporations for inferior design or defective components and accessories in children's bikes, road bikes or mountain bikes that led to lasting injury.

Giving Back to the Cycling Community: Through our legal advocacy on behalf of bicycle accident victims, we have become strong promoters of bike safety and driver awareness. We have also become ardent supporters of bicycling as a pastime, cycling organizations in the Salt Lake Area, and creation of new bike lanes and trails to broaden opportunities and keep riders safe.