Utah Dram Shop Liability Attorneys

Bars and restaurants in Salt Lake City and throughout the state of Utah can provide a welcome respite from the daily grind. People stop in for a drink or two to relax and unwind. However, when bartenders ignore their patrons' alcohol use and abuse, that customer could end up causing a serious accident.

At Elegal, we hold establishments that serve alcohol accountable when they negligently serve alcohol to patrons that are visibly intoxicated and then allow those patrons to drive and cause others serious, and sometimes even fatal, injuries. Call 801.366.9100 or send us an e-mail to arrange for a free consultation on a dram shop liability claim. A lawyer at our firm can explain your rights and discuss what it will take to recover compensation for you.

When Bartenders Ignore an Intoxicated Customer

An establishment that serves alcohol to a noticeably intoxicated customer can be held responsible for the consequences. Bartenders are trained to be aware when a patron has clearly had "too much" and are required to stop serving the customer in order to prevent potentially serious accidents or injury to others. When bars continue to serve alcohol to intoxicated customers, bar fights can erupt and innocent patrons can be injured or even killed. More commonly, a bar's over-service of alcohol to an intoxicated customer can result in a deadly, alcohol-related drunk driving accident later in the evening.

Advocating for Clients in Dram Shop Liability Claims

At Elegal, we hold these establishments accountable for serving alcohol to intoxicated customers who later cause serious injury to others in a car accident or restaurant altercation. We advocate for grieving family members who have lost a loved one because a bar or restaurant ignored a drunk customer who ended up killing their loved one. We are dedicated to maximizing our clients' compensation and seeing that justice is served.

We get to the facts of a dram shop liability claim through a careful and thorough investigation of the incident. Elegal will serve as your most diligent and dedicated advocate, whether your case is resolved through a settlement or at trial.