Advocates for Injured Cyclists ... and the Cycling Community

Elegal has earned a reputation for effective representation of people injured in bicycle accidents. Our legal advocacy for injured cyclists has evolved into an interest in promoting bicycle safety and supporting all aspects of cycling as a fun and healthy sports activity.

To thank the Utah bicycling community for placing its trust in us and helping to solidify our firm as a leader in personal injury litigation, Elegal has committed to donate a portion of our fees generated from our representation of injured cyclists.

Any funds donated by Elegal to the bicycling community may be used to promote:

  • Bicycling safety and driver awareness to reduce the number of preventable injuries;
  • Cycling organizations and cycling events in the State of Utah;
  • The development of designated bike lanes and/or recreational trails; or
  • Other projects that promote the cycling community

Whether you commute to work on a bicycle, cycle competitively, find challenge in mountain biking, or ride for exercise and pleasure, the attorneys and staff of Elegal salute and support you.

If a loved one is injured on a bike by the negligence of others, the legal team at Elegal stands ready to offer you the highest quality of legal representation.