Utah Hit and Run Accident Attorneys

Causing a hit and run accident is a crime that carries serious penalties for the offender. Fines and jail time usually result. However, those consequences do little to address the damage you suffered if you are victimized by a careless driver who leaves the scene of your hit and run accident.

At Elegal in Salt Lake City, we are well aware that criminal convictions are not enough. You are entitled to compensation from the fleeing driver. Our job is to build your case to make sure that you receive justice.

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Immediate Advocacy and Investigation of Your Hit and Run Accident

At Elegal, we can overcome the challenges inherent in a complex hit and run accident claim. The first step is proving that you were struck by another at fault motorist. It is not required that the police locate the other driver. We can still build your case and reconstruct the accident, even if law enforcement can not locate the at fault fleeing driver.

When an Uninsured Driver Injures You in a Hit and Run Accident

Even if we can locate the perpetrator, that does not guarantee that the negligent party carries insurance. Many times, lack of insurance is the reason they flee the scene of the accident. Regardless of their insurance status, there are means we can use to obtain compensate for the victims. There are ways to collect even if we have to pursue your own uninsured motorist insurance coverage.