Utah Attorneys Representing Injured Passengers

Many personal injury claims involving a motor vehicle focus on the driver. However, many times a passenger is also seriously injured. Whether the driver with the passenger or the operator of another vehicle caused the accident, these types of personal injury claims provide challenges and are sometimes rife with difficult issues.

At Elegal in Salt Lake City, we provide aggressive representation for passengers who have suffered serious injuries in an accident.

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Skilled in Handling the Unique Aspects of a Passenger Injury Claim

When two friends or family members are involved in an accident, the driver's insurance company becomes our unlikely adversary. Less-experienced personal injury attorneys find it hard to handle such complex issues. As a preeminent Salt Lake City personal injury firm, we are more than up to that challenge.

Possessing Experience and Insight in Arbitration, But Still Open to Litigation

At Elegal, we find that many accidents involving passenger injuries are resolved through arbitration. We have a great deal of experience with that form of resolution and our attorneys are experienced on both sides of the arbitration table. This provides a key advantage for our clients in maximizing the compensation they deserve based on the extent of their injuries.

Arbitration is not the only way of resolving these issues. If the courtroom is the best venue, we will aggressively prepare your passenger injury case for trial. Too much is at stake to limit your options for recovering full compensation.