Strong Legal Action for Poisoning Victims Across Utah

Product manufacturers, builders, landlords and employers all have a legal obligation to take all reasonable measures to protect consumers against the dangers of lead, gas and other forms of poisoning. The dedicated attorneys at our Salt Lake City law firm are experienced in investigating and pursuing cases of lead poisoning, carbon monoxide poisoning and other cases of preventable toxic exposure.

Please contact us to discuss legal options if you or a family member has suffered chemical exposure due to someone else's negligence. Our lawyers have obtained large verdicts and settlements across a broad spectrum of personal injury and wrongful death claims, and we are here to help people throughout Utah learn the truth and recover damages that can help them move forward toward personal recovery and a more secure future.

Investigating and Exposing Negligence That Causes Injury or a Tragic Fatality

Legal action may be absolutely appropriate and winnable in matters of:

  • A landlord's failure to address the dangers of lead poisoning from old, peeling paint or obvious risks created by gas leaks and other failures to properly maintain rental properties 
  • Product liability lawsuits when defective heating systems, space heaters, water heaters, boat engines, generators or other consumer and industrial products cause fire, carbon monoxide or any other form of gas poisoning 
  • Other forms of poisoning — including E. coli or salmonella food poisoning due to failures in food processing and handling 

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At Elegal , we take pride in being one of the most resourceful and well-financed law firms in Utah, prepared to obtain maximum compensation whether the opponent is a large manufacturer or industrial company, a property management company, or any other powerful entity. If you are grieving a wrongful death or coping with serious injury due to any form of lead or toxic chemical poisoning, please call or e-mail us today for caring, determined legal counsel.