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Food poisoning is extremely dangerous and, in many instances, deadly. Restaurants, food manufacturers, growers, distributors and handlers are subject to many rules and regulations which must be followed to ensure food safety and to prevent the numerous illnesses that arise when customers consume contaminated food.

At Elegal in Salt Lake City, we aggressively and compassionately advocate for our clients victimized by food poisoning.

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When Standards Fall Short in the Food and Restaurant Industries

Food-borne illnesses have generated banner headlines in the media. From spinach to peanuts, seemingly harmless and popular food items can become dangerous and deadly when shortcuts are taken, regulations are ignored, inspections are disregarded and/or protocols are not followed. Such negligence creates a deadly recipe for disaster.

Life-Threatening and Deadly Consequences of Food Poisoning

Many times, a food poisoning claim involves more than one person, and the injuries are anything but minor. E. Coli and salmonella are two deadly contaminants that can change your life or end the life of a loved one. At Elegal, we take on complex food poisoning cases where victims experience severe digestive problems or kidney failure.

A Preeminent Law Firm at Your Side

Handling food poisoning cases requires us to face off against large, high-profile defendants in the food and restaurant industries. As a preeminent personal injury law firm, we have the experience and resources necessary to take a food poisoning claim to trial. We do not immediately settle to avoid the courtroom. We are prepared to go the distance necessary to obtain the best resolution for our clients.