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Our team of accomplished attorneys brings together broad legal experience across many areas of practice. For the people of the Salt Lake City area, Utah and throughout the state, we are a longstanding, trusted resource for holding insurance companies accountable to their obligations.

We all put faith and trust in insurance companies, but it is all too common to find, in a time of crisis, that these companies are motivated by profit to an extent that can lead to great injustice. Contact us today about your potential serious injury case or the resulting dispute with an insurance company.

Turn to a Law Firm with Valuable Insurance Defense Experience

Partner Robert G. Gilchrist brings valuable insurance defense experience and insight to bear on the cases we handle. Among his over 50 personal injury trials, Mr. Gilchrist handled many on the insurance defense side of the courtroom, prior to devoting full attention to plaintiff work. He has earned settlements and verdicts that combined, total well over $12 million for our clients.

Insurance Claim Denial or Delay? Serious Injury Calling for Top-Level Legal Representation?

An understanding of the priorities and techniques used by insurance companies can be essential in any personal injury case. Our collaborative, determined legal team builds the strongest possible cases through full investigation and inside knowledge of:

  • Various large insurers' reputations for denying and delaying claims 
  • Insurance defense strategies that may include conducting multiple interviews to elicit apparent contradictions and take advantage of memories that fade over time 
  • Techniques that encourage serious injury victims and grieving families to accept inadequate settlements 
  • Exclusions commonly cited by insurance defense attorneys 
  • Insurance defense actions that may constitute insurance bad faith, enabling dramatically larger recoveries including awards for pain and suffering as well as medical costs and future wages lost 

There is often no substitute for direct insurance defense experience when it comes to planning for and countering the moves of insurers and their lawyers. Our track record of dozens of six-figure and seven-figure verdicts and settlements obtained from large corporations speaks to our ability to do just that — as well as providing testimony to our financial strength and the willingness to go the distance for our clients.

If you have been seriously injured due to a person or company's reckless actions, please call or e-mail us today for a free case evaluation. You can depend on a collaborative effort from attorneys who cannot be intimidated.