Salt Lake City Law Firm Targeting Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes

Entrusting the care of a loved one to a nursing home is a difficult decision for people across Utah. No matter how much diligence you may have applied in selecting a care facility, you ultimately count on individuals' proper training, skills and dedication to provide the best possible care of a vulnerable adult or elder.

At Elegal, we are dedicated to exposing the truth and recovering maximum compensation for victims of nursing home negligence and elder abuse. To explore legal options after a premature death or case of mistreatment, request a free consultation with one of our dedicated lawyers today.

Serious, Decisive Legal Action for Victims and Their Families

While the Adult Protective Services (APS) agency monitors specific guidelines intended to prevent elder abuse, this serious problem is widespread. You may well encounter an overburdened, non-responsive system when you report suspected nursing home negligence, even if you have strong reasons to believe your loved one was a victim of inadequate care or abuse such as:

  • Failures to attend and properly supervise a nursing home resident, resulting in a fall or a life-threatening condition such as bedsores or an infection 
  • Negligence in calling on a physician when a nursing home patient's medical problems emerge or worsen 
  • Outright physical, sexual or mental abuse — sometimes by nursing home staff who have been inadequately trained or insufficiently background-checked 

Nursing home administrators and staff, whether they are staffing assisted living centers, hospice care, or Alzheimer's or dementia centers, have a clear obligation to understand and monitor individual patients' needs. A patient's dire medical prognosis or clearly debilitating condition is no excuse for negligence — and neither are the demands of this undeniably challenging, yet important work.

Turn to a Respected Law Firm That Takes Elder Abuse Seriously

Our attorneys make cases of nursing home neglect, abuse and negligence a priority because we recognize the extent of the problem and its tremendous impact on our elders and their families.

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