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Today's powerful pharmaceutical drugs and innovative medical devices make treatment possible for many serious conditions that might have been virtually untreatable in decades past. However, the prescription, administration and dispensing of such products comes with tremendous responsibility.

If you know or believe a death in your family or serious harm resulted from negligence in prescribing a drug, filling a prescription or treating and monitoring a patient using a medical device, call or e-mail our Salt Lake City law firm now. Our attorneys are thoroughly prepared to investigate, and we have a strong track record of obtaining compensation in cases of pharmaceutical liability and medical malpractice.

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Almost everyone is aware of some highly publicized product recalls — such as those for Vioxx, Phen-Fen, and Duragesic® fentanyl pain patches — made necessary when drugs and medical devices have proven more dangerous than research initially revealed. Serious outcomes can also result when doctors, pharmacists, technicians and others in the chain of care do not prescribe the correct pharmaceutical products or make medication errors.

There is no question that taking action against a major pharmaceutical manufacturer can be research-intensive and costly. For our accomplished Utah law firm, however, these actions are a priority driven by the needs of individuals and families who placed their trust in medical providers and manufacturers only to be seriously harmed.

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We will treat you with care and respect as we thoroughly evaluate your potential pharmaceutical liability claim — and at no point will you be required to take a financial risk.

You can turn to us for knowledge of pharmaceutical products liability laws and determination to recover maximum compensation if you have suffered personal losses and harm due to a dangerous drug, medical mistake or other negligence.