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Anyone who drives the streets and highways of Utah has likely had a "close call" with a large commercial truck or a sense of uneasiness when sharing the road with a massive 18-wheel tractor-trailer rig. When a car-truck accident does occur — as you may recently have been painfully or tragically reminded — the damage and costs are often tremendous.

The opponent in a lawsuit arising from a commercial semi truck accident is likely to be a major insurer or a financially strong trucking company. To work with a collaborative team of attorneys and a sound, successful law firm up to the challenge of nailing down truck accident causes and proving negligence to a jury, contact Elegal today.

Case Results Are the Best Measure of Our Attorneys' Skill and Tenacity

In 2001, our founding partner Jeffrey D. Eisenberg tried the case of a young boy who suffered brain damage and tragically lost his family in a car-truck collision. A semi-trailer rig gone out of control struck the family's car, and a Salt Lake County jury found the trucking company liable and awarded over $16 million for our client's future care, pain and suffering, lost support and other economic damages. As of late 2009, this remains the largest-ever jury award to an individual in a Utah personal injury case.

You can view other significant case successes on our results page. Within the realm of car-truck accidents alone, these include:

A settlement exceeding $4 million for a trucking accident victim left with quadriplegia (paralysis due to spinal cord injuries)

A $1 million settlement for a car-truck accident victim with a traumatic brain injury

Proven Resourcefulness in Building the Strongest Possible Cases

Walk-aways from accidents between two or more cars are relatively common. When a large commercial truck is involved in a wreck, the likelihood of catastrophic injuries or a wrongful death increases dramatically. Our lawyers are committed to deploying the most qualified investigators and pursuing every angle on our clients' behalf.

To put a caring, deeply committed legal team to work evaluating your potential car-truck accident claim or lawsuit, please call or e-mail us in Salt Lake City anytime. We are prepared to handle trucking accident litigation anywhere, statewide, in Utah.