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Professional drivers who operate commercial vehicles have a responsibility to maintain high levels of safety. Driving a commercial truck while inattentive, fatigued, sleep-deprived or impaired on a crowded freeway is a recipe for disaster and could result in catastrophic injuries and death. At the Utah-based law firm of Elegal, we have experience, legal knowledge, and resources to hold negligent parties accountable.

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Elegal is a preeminent personal injury law firm known throughout the state of Utah for its aggressive advocacy of injured victims. We staff our law office with seasoned attorneys who have a knowledge of both the commercial vehicle industry and its licensing requirements.

Lawyers from our firm strive to find the best resolution to your commercial vehicle accident case and maximize your compensation. Crashes that involve company cars, 18-wheel trucks or delivery vans are highly complex and require extensive knowledge of the industry and applicable regulations.

Possessing High-Level Skills and Fierce Dedication to Litigation

Stopping short of litigation is often not a wise strategy in commercial vehicle accident claims. Oftentimes, an aggressive courtroom fight is waged with both the company and its insurance provider. That level of personal injury representation requires a thorough investigation, a network of experts who can help build your case, and powerful financial resources.

We bring all of those qualifications and more to the table in contentious commercial vehicle accident claims.

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