Utah Truck Accident Lawyers

Given the size and weight of commercial trucks, the danger imposed by such vehicles is tremendous. Accordingly, commercial truck drivers are expected to hold themselves to a high standard of conduct.

It is shocking and tragic that some semi truck drivers and other large commercial vehicle drivers operate their vehicles while impaired. Unfortunately, however, many accidents occur because a commercial driver is under the influence of illegal drugs, unsafe dosages of prescription medication and/or alcohol.

The Role of Driver Fatigue

Commercial truck drivers are paid by the mile. As a result, many truckers drive to the point of exhaustion in order to make a higher salary. Some truckers take stimulants to stay awake. They may feel that these stimulants allow them to remain alert, but in reality they are a significant danger to anyone on the road.

Federal regulations require that trucking companies test truck drivers for the presence of alcohol or drugs after an accident. Our experienced truck accident attorneys utilize their knowledge of trucking laws and regulations to establish liability in truck accident claims.

Help for Accident Victims

If you or a family member has been injured in a truck accident, contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at Elegal. Based in Salt Lake City, we handle truck accident litigation throughout Utah and the western United States.

We conduct a thorough investigation and discovery in each case to get to the bottom of what really caused an accident. We have a strong record of results in truck accident litigation because we understand the trucking industry, keep abreast of state and federal trucking laws, and work tirelessly to obtain the full compensation our clients deserve.

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