Motor homes are passenger vehicles built on a truck frame. They are heavy and hard to stop, and especially volatile and difficult to control in windy conditions. In a crash situation, the occupants of the recreational vehicle (RV) are often unprotected and the occupants of a smaller car are vulnerable to massive injuries or death.

The Utah truck accident lawyers of Elegal have handled RV accidents across Utah. We have represented individuals and families struck by motor homes, as well as RV passengers injured through the driver's negligence.

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RV Accident Attorneys in Salt Lake City

Our law firm has extensive experience in truck accident litigation, and the carnage of RV accidents often presents similar challenges in determining who was at fault. We can bring in professional investigators and accident reconstruction specialists if liability is disputed.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable about laws pertaining to recreational vehicles. The state of Utah has limits on the weight and length of RVs, and regulations for towing of trailers or passenger cars behind a motor home. For example, Utah law requires that an RV be able to stop in 40 feet at 20 mph, which in turn may require auxiliary brakes if towing a heavy load.

We examine every possible angle in proving negligence. Were the brakes or tires worn? Was the trailer or trailing car properly hitched, with working taillights? Was the RV operator speeding or traveling too fast to prevent veering in crosswind conditions? Were children in the RV allowed to move about rather than being seat belted? Was the RV driver distracted by a map or cell phone, or drowsy from hour after hour of freeway travel without rest?

Elegal also excels at demonstrating damages. Motor home accidents commonly result in a catastrophic injury or a wrongful death, and we take great pains to ensure our clients are compensated for the physical, financial and person aftermath.

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We have a nationwide network of experts in many disciplines who support our calculation of comprehensive damages. We always bear these initial costs of litigation and recoup fees and expenses only if we recover compensation for our clients. Contact us today about an RV accident anywhere in Utah.