Unqualified Drivers in Utah Truck Accidents

When trucking companies and other employers can't find qualified, licensed drivers with clean records, they often choose to lower their standards rather than lure good drivers with better pay. This increases the likelihood that we share the road with inexperienced, intoxicated or reckless individuals who are entrusted with an 18-wheeler or other massive vehicle.

The Salt Lake City law firm of Elegal has held freight haulers, package delivery services, and other companies with drivers on the payroll, accountable for negligent hiring as a root cause of truck accidents resulting in serious injuries or death.

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Negligent Hiring as a Cause of Collisions With Trucks

Our attorneys know what questions to ask and what documents to demand when we suspect that employers were lax in hiring standards or hiring practices:

Did the job or industry standard require a commercial driver's license (CDL)? If so, did the trucker hold a valid, current CDL?

  • Did the company perform a thorough background check?
  • Was the driver found to be at fault for prior accidents?
  • Does the driver have convictions for drugs or DUI/DWI?
  • Does the driver have a history of serious traffic violations?

Did the employer require or provide any specific training before handing over the keys to a tractor-trailer, flatbed semi or other big rig?

Our job is to prove that the employer knowingly hired an unqualified driver or should have known that the person was an accident waiting to happen. Once we have established negligence in hiring, we put our full energy and resources into calculating and collecting appropriate damages for our clients' medical, economic and personal losses.

If you were injured or a loved one was injured or killed by an 18-wheeler or commercial vehicle, contact Elegal to discuss your rights and possible claims.