Injured Due to Trucking Company Negligence or Driver Error?

Establishing the cause of an accident involving a large commercial truck is often a major challenge. Not only is there a strong likelihood of brain injury, fatality or other tragic consequences for car drivers and passengers, the extent of vehicle damage can be extreme and evidence difficult to retrieve.

Truck accident cases arising from wrecks on roadways throughout Utah are a clear strength of our Salt Lake City law firm. For legal counsel after a trucking accident that harmed you or your family,  contact us now.

Knowledge, Insight and Connections to Qualified Experts

From deep experience in a wide range of cases, including extensive work with trucking industry experts and accomplished accident investigators, our attorneys have built a strong understanding of truck-related accident causes such as:

  • Runaway rigs and breakaway trailers, often attributable to inadequate maintenance of brakes, hitches and other essential parts
  • Violations of federal trucking safety laws and state regulations — including overloads, inadequate reflectors or faulty lights
  • Log-keeping violations including willful forgery of written or electronic records to obscure violations of laws governing how often and how long a truck driver can be on the road
  • Loads that restrict trucker visibility and lead to catastrophic driver errors
  • Bad conduct or serious judgment errors by truck drivers who are fatigued or under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Driver errors that might have been prevented with adequate training, as well as errors made and accidents caused by drivers whose backgrounds and safety records were not properly checked or monitored
  • Spilled loads and debris due to inadequate tie downs and other load-securing equipment

Turn to the Firm Other Lawyers Choose for Truck Accident Representation

Our record of success in truck accident litigation stands out among personal injury law firms throughout Utah. We have obtained numerous six-figure and million-dollar plus recoveries for our clients through diligent preparation, aggressive negotiation and the readiness to take such cases all the way to a jury trial.

For proven, caring legal counsel after any serious car-truck collision or other trucking accident, please call or e-mail us at Elegal. We carefully control our caseload and will charge you no attorney fees or costs unless we take your case and win compensation for you.