Holding Trucking Companies Accountable for Utah Truck Crashes

Investigating a truck accident requires familiarity with transportation industry practices, federal and state trucking regulations, and the known contributing factors to these horrific crashes. The experienced personal injury attorneys of Elegal have that in-depth knowledge from many years of successful litigation of these complex cases.

In addition to proving the negligence of truck drivers, we have also secured verdicts and settlements by demonstrating negligence of trucking companies before the trucker ever got behind the wheel.

Our Salt Lake City law firm handles truck accidents throughout Utah. If a loved one was badly injured or killed, call 801.366.9100 or e-mail us to arrange a free consultation and to start the investigation so crucial to your full compensation.

Negligence in Truck Maintenance or Cargo Loading

Elegal can call upon a network of experts, such as accident reconstruction specialists, automotive engineers and safety engineers to have the tractor and trailer inspected and to shed light on the condition of the truck and its freight prior to the crash.

From over-the-road tractor trailers (18-wheelers) to delivery vehicles, dump trucks, logging trucks and heavy machinery, we know how to guide the investigation. We have won damages by revealing neglected repairs and upkeep, falsified maintenance or inspection reports, and violations of trucking regulations:

  • Bald tires, worn brake components or faulty air brakes
  • Slippage of the fifth wheel trailer hitch
  • Exceeding federal or local weight restrictions
  • Failing to secure freight per DOT specifications
  • Illegally transporting or improperly securing hazardous materials
  • Loose or broken mud flaps, tarps, tie-downs or rear latches
  • Insufficient reflective tape, reflectors or running lights

Overweight trucks require substantially greater stopping distance. Shifting cargo makes a truck dangerously unstable. Falling cargo or debris is a grave hazard to trailing vehicles. We have handled every manifestation of maintenance and cargo negligence, from rear-end and head-on collisions to jackknifed semis and multi-vehicle pile-ups.

Our lawyers have the experience and resources to sort it out and trace it back to the trucking company and any third parties, such as manufacturers, truck repair shops, freight consolidation companies or customers who loaded trucks.

If you suspect an overloaded, poorly loaded or poorly maintained truck is to blame, contact Elegal for aggressive and thorough representation.