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Proficiently Handling Work Zone Accidents in Utah

Work zones should be clearly marked, whether on residential streets, highways, or interstates. This is usually through signs, lit signage, orange cones, markers, and reduced speed signs. Drivers should be given fair warning of construction and work zones on roadways. This is very important, as work zone accidents are very dangerous to both drivers and road workers. If you were injured in a work zone accident, whether you were a worker hit by a driver or you were the driver and became injured, our law firm can help you.

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At Elegal Attorneys at Law, we believe in attentive and personalized auto accident representation. We are not a law firm that just churns out injury cases but believes in selecting cases where we can utilize our experience, knowledge, and skills in the best way possible for our clients. Each injured client gets the special care and catered auto accident counsel he or she deserves. Our goal is to always obtain maximum compensation for our clients to ensure the highest quality of life.

Experienced Legal Representation

Work zone accident cases can be complicated, as there are usually many parties involved. From the injured worker to his or her employer, the employer’s insurance carrier, the driver, and the driver’s insurance carrier, there are many legal matters to resolve. Our auto accident lawyers in Salt Lake City are here to help you get through this difficult time with compassionate personal injury counsel.

The Dangers of Work Zone Crashes

Construction zones and work zones on the road can create some of the most dangerous situations for both workers and drivers. Workers are extremely vulnerable, as they are working very close to speeding cars, trucks, and semis. Many are not in actual machinery that can provide some protection in case of an accident.

Common injuries sustained in work zone accidents include:

  • Fractured bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Severe bleeding
  • Dislocated joints
  • Induced paralysis
  • Death

For drivers, the winding, tight, and sudden turns of a work zone can be confusing. Especially if warnings of a construction or work zone are not properly put into place. Other drivers may not properly merge or fail to yield. These are just some of the many reasons that work zone accidents occur. Unfortunately, they can cause very serious and catastrophic injuries. We are here to help you get full and fair compensation on your behalf.

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  • Elegal was invaluable in helping us through a difficult time. Our son was involved in a horrible accident and we weren't sure if he would survive. We were dealing with doctors, medical bills, and overwhelming emotions on how we would help our son recover. They answered every question we had and explained the entire process. They went above and beyond for our son and truly ...

    - Kali

  • Jacquelynn handled our case extremely well, she knew what needed to be done to get over an unfair problem with the insurance company and get the case moving and to a reasonable settlement. She had the knowledge of what needed to be done.

    - Yolanda

  • Ms. Carmichael and her team are professional, efficient, and courteous. Resources were expended in a thoughtful manner. Explanations were provided quickly and respectfully when needed. Should the situation arise, I will recommend Jacquelynn Carmichael to both friends and family

    - Former Client

  • We hired Eric for a personal injury case for my son. We were very pleased and satisfied with the level of commitment Eric showed to us and especially our son. He was aggressive to get answers and made us feel as ease with such a hard time in our lives. We felt confident in his ability from the moment we meet him and he did not disappoint. We feel he was very fair.

    - Brett

  • I would recommend Eric Olson to anyone. He was very professional and strived to educate me in making the best decisions when I had no idea how to decide what to do. He is very knowledgeable about his particular field of law and used that in my best defense. I am very pleased with the job that he did for me.

    - Lauren

  • I was in an auto accident three years ago. The first auto accident I have ever been in, but the other driver was ticketed. This lead to slow and obvious pain that grew worse. Doctors, surgery, shots, emotional trauma from not being able to physically do things I used to. That being said I want it known that Eric Olsen was so right for the lawyer to handle this case for me. I originally hired a ...

    - Jenann

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