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In Utah, we are blessed with a beautiful natural environment that offers many outdoor recreational opportunities. Skiing, biking, and other sports can be highly enjoyable but accidents can and do happen. The victims of sport injuries face weeks or months of recovery time.

If you have been injured in a skiing accident, bike accident, motorcycle accident or other recreational accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical costs, lost income, and pain and suffering. Elegal will work hard to help you obtain the compensation you need and deserve.

Remember, you have one opportunity to obtain compensation. Elegal will work to succeed on your behalf, so that you can obtain the compensation you need to rebuild your life. For a free consultation with the sport injuries attorneys at Elegal call 801.679.4510 or contact us online. An attorney at our firm can evaluate your case and discuss your prospects for obtaining compensation.


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At ski resorts throughout Utah and all over the United States, there are more and more people skiing, and the slopes are getting more and more crowded. Unfortunately, that means more and more collisions are occurring between skiers and snowboarders. This often results in very serious injuries.

The downhill skier always has the right of way. If somebody is skiing down and hits you from above, whether they are skiing or snowboarding, they are absolutely legally liable and responsible for all of the harm, damage and injury they have caused you.

One of the things that people often don’t understand is that homeowners’ coverage applies to you while you are skiing or snowboarding. If you are hit by another skier or snowboarder, and they either own a home or reside in a family member’s home, that homeowners’ coverage is going to apply to them. That allows you to have a source to collect from to recover damages for your injuries.

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The issue of whether a ski resort is liable to a skier or snowboarder for an injury the resort causes by their negligence actually varies state by state.

Each state has its own statutes related to ski resort liability and each state has its own set of case law. In the state of Utah, and in most states, ski resorts are legally liable for injuries or deaths that result from the negligence of the resort. That does not mean that the resort is going to be liable for every injury.

Certain injuries are the result of inherent risks in the sport of skiing. But, if the resort has done something such as cause a condition that injures you and is negligent for doing so, then the resort is liable and you may recover damages from a ski resort from those injuries.

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If you are injured as a result of a collision with another skier or snowboarder, and you were the downhill skier with the right of way, then you have a claim against a skier or snowboarder that hit you. Ski resorts are not responsible for collisions that happen on their slopes in most circumstances.

In a collision case, the case is going to be filed against the other skier or snowboarder that caused the collision. When the injury is caused as a result of a condition or a hazard that was created through the negligence of the ski resort, then you can file a claim against the ski resort and recover from the resort from your injuries, provided you are able to prove that the condition as a result of the negligence of the ski resort.

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If another skier or snowboarder hits you and injures you, always call the ski patrol immediately. Take care of yourself. But it is also very important that the other skier or snowboarder not leave the scene. At least ask them their name and where they are from.

You should remain calm, which is often difficult in these circumstances. But if you or one of your friends or family members are hurt, it is of utmost importance to be able to identify the person who caused the injury so that you can actually pursue a claim against them.

Document, document, document. These cases are just like any other case. You want to preserve evidence, document the conditions, gather witness statements from as many witnesses as possible, and do everything you can to preserve evidence of what actually happened and what the situation was that actually caused your injury.


Ski slopes can be very dangerous. The most common types of ski accidents that lead to a liability claim include:

  • Downhill skiing and snowboarding accidents
  • Ski lift accidents
  • Collisions with objects or other people
  • Inadequate slope maintenance
  • Negligent instruction or supervision

In an effort to limit their liability, many ski resort operators require their patrons to sign a release form prior to occupancy or use of the facilities. A release form is a document that absolves a facility from liability for injuries that may occur on the premises. Release forms are not always enforceable. Even after signing a release form at a Utah ski resort, you may still be able to make a claim for damages if you suffer a serious injury while at the resort.

Elegal is an experienced personal injury law firm that has succeeded in numerous cases involving sport injuries and skiing accidents. We work to build a strong and persuasive case designed to maximize the compensation our clients receive based on the facts and law of each case.


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Elegal was invaluable in helping us through a difficult time. Our son was involved in a horrible accident and we weren't sure if he would survive. We were dealing with doctors, medical bills, and overwhelming emotions on how we would help our son recover. They answered every question we had and explained the entire process. They went above and beyond for our son and truly cared about him. I never thought I would be in a situation where I needed a lawyer, but I was so grateful we had them representing our son. We now don't have to worry or stress about his future medical bills and surgeries. We can focus on spending time together and giving our son the best life he can have.

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